Waterproof Coverage

Flood risk is growing. Our coverage is too.

WA is here to help give your Personal Insurance clients flexible, affordable and easy-to-understand options for flood, sewer back-up and water service lines.

Waterproof Coverage™ provides a clear, combined coverage option for sewer back-up and overland flood. As weather patterns continue to grow and change, coverage should too. That’s why we’ve improved our Waterproof Coverage™ with enhancements, to provide your customers with further protection against weather-related events.

See how Waterproof Coverage™ can help you protect your clients—and grow your business.

Explore which coverage is best for your client’s needs with our overview below.

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These resources can give your clients a better understanding of the water risks they face.

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Waterproof Coverage™ is not available in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Also not available in certain extreme risk zones.