Put your private passenger auto claims in the express lane with Auto Express

Auto Express

Our new program, Auto Express, fast-tracks simple, straightforward personal auto claims by streamlining the process and reducing the need for follow-up information.

After a claim is submitted, our adjusters determine whether the claim qualifies for Auto Express. Once approved, your clients must accept the services at one of our four trusted repair facilities available throughout Canada: CARSTAR, Assured, CSN Collision Centres and Fix Auto.

For Auto Express settlement, one of our trusted repair facilities will:

  • Complete an estimate, perform repairs and arrange for a rental vehicle (if your client has appropriate rental coverage)
  • Provide regular status updates to your client throughout the duration of the repair process for repairs, deductibles, rental vehicle and payments
  • Contact your client 48 hours before the repairs are completed to assure them that their repairs are on track

To learn more about Auto Express, download our brochure.